Wade’s ’95 Mustang

River Road featuredWade’s ’95 Mustang

Wade Simmons of River Road Automotive brought his highly modified ’95 Mustang to get power numbers before doing the next set of power upgrades.

There are few things on this car that are stock. The engine is from a 1993 Super Coupe. Ported heads, five layer steel-over-copper head gaskets, ARP racing studs, opened intake to 90mm, front mount intercooler, adjustable fuel pressure regulator, 250 liter/hr fuel pump, full length ceramic headers, X-pipe, custom tune, suspension from GT Mustang, posi rear end, paint (blue and purple flake on a Midnight Blue), 18″ wheels, all new interior with leather seats, sound proofing throughout, link kits, cop tested, ¬†Centerforce clutch, T-5 Transmission (was auto).

Build plans include new cam, Magnum Powers blower, aggressive roller rockers, bigger hat for supercharger, 60lb injectors.

When the guys at River Road Automotive finish the new set of mods, they plan to bring the Mustang back to Garage 808 for three more dyno runs to see how much more power they gained.


Garage 808’s Dynojet Dyno 424xLC1 with Linx measures up to 2,000hp/2,000ft-lbs torque and 200mph. It tests vehicles in either two-wheel or all-wheel drive modes with bi-directional rotation. The Eddy Current Load Absorption Unit performs loaded tests, including step, sweep and closed loop.