Garage 808 is the premiere performance shop in the Pacific Northwest. Our Customers come to us to build fast street cars and winning race cars.

What sets Garage 808 apart from competing shops is our extensive experience making more power based on a solid foundation of strong engine internals. Sadly, some shops promise big numbers without evaluating whether an engine is healthy enough or strong enough to handle the desired power gains.

Our builds are designed to make power and deliver performance for the long run, which is why our loyal customers have kept us in business since 2002.

Of course, making a car go faster often requires improvements in braking, handling and safety performance. Getting the car to hook up, providing a clutch that can handle the power and knowing which drive train components need upgrades are part of what a real performance shop provides every day.

Lately we’ve been specializing in turbo-charged Subarus, DOHC (Dual Overhead Cam) Hondas and the new generation of American Muscle. Contact us at 541-687-8832 or to schedule the design meeting to beginning the car you’ve always wanted.